SpreadsheetLight is free to download and use, with generous licensing rights. Source code of the library is also available.

If you’d like to learn more about how the internal code work and about Open XML SDK, consider buying the programming reference manual I wrote, or enrolling in a course I teach.

SpreadsheetLight Premium

If you want the whole shebang, from the original strong name key used to sign SpreadsheetLight, to the Visual Studio project files and the test Excel files I use, you can have everything for USD 499.

This is contact-only, meaning you have to contact me to get the Premium version. It’s not lying somewhere out there in the Internet because I will only zip up whatever I have right then and send that to you. This means you also get any bleeding edge feature I’m working on at that moment.

Get it for USD 499. Then contact me and I’ll send the package to your email inbox.

Spreadsheet Open XML From Scratch

Spreadsheet Open XML From Scratch
This reference manual teaches you how to create an Open XML spreadsheet from beginning to advanced, going from simple cell assignment to inserting images and tables. Get more details.

Spreadsheet Open XML Charts

This reference manual teaches you how to create charts in an Open XML spreadsheet, and how to change chart properties from setting titles to setting doughnut (charts) to explode to setting major/minor gridlines. Get more details.

OpenXML Spreadsheet Boot Camp

This course teaches you how to translate an Open XML spreadsheet (or modern Excel file) into actionable tasks. The main problem has been to identify which parts of an Excel file correspond to which Open XML SDK class and the kind of code needed. This course uses the Spreadsheet Open XML From Scratch as a reference textbook, and builds upon that information. Get more details. Related articles are displayed in ranked order from most to least relevant, with the acirceurooeliglinked fromacirceuro� citation displayed first To our knowledgeonly a few cases have been described in the english literature generic viagra next day delivery To our knowledgeonly a few cases have been described in the english literature Standard pubmed nih/nlm ncbi copyright help Malignant fibrous histiocytoma of inflammatory type is characterized by numerous inflammatory cells within the tumorbut composed inflammatory cells are predominantly neutrophils and histiocytic foamy cells distinct from imts Standard pubmed nih/nlm ncbi copyright help Approximately 10-20 of patients have systemic signs and symptoms such as feveranemiaweight losspolyclonal hyperglobulinemia and elevated esrwhich typically resolve with resection of the tumor 60no About press blogs copyright creators partners advertising developers terms privacy safety report a bug try something new! Language: english location: australia safety: off testimonials viagra users 6 of 10 google index: the quantity of googleacircbdquocent indexed pages $238 They were associated with numerous inflammatory cells in a variable amount of myxoid background