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Donations will be made to vincent [at] polymathprogrammer [dot] com. Your support goes into

  • Domain name registration (annual upkeep fees of about USD10-ish)
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  • Directly contributing to the well-being of the author (that’s me). I work better with food and tea in me… A hungry man is an angry man. Angry men are less likely to write high-quality code.

And you get eternal gratitude from me. Thanks!

I wrote SpreadsheetLight on Visual C# 2010 Express because I can’t afford any version of Visual Studio other than the Express version. I have to go to the library to read user manuals (for research purposes) because it’s free. Yes, the brick-and-mortar library with dead-tree paper books.

SpreadsheetLight is available for free and library source code is given too. Any support you can give is appreciated, even if it’s not monetary.

Directly help with hosting!

If you need to get website hosting, consider A2 Hosting. And if you buy your website hosting using this link, I get website hosting credits from A2! SpreadsheetLight is hosted by A2 and if your web experience browsing the site or downloading SpreadsheetLight is fast, you have A2 to thank.

This website then automagically stays alive! Woohoo! (but seriously, the hosting credits help with hosting costs a little so I can use the money to eat and so write high-quality code or deliver exceptional support via emails. I swear my fingers run on tea or chocolate the way they fly across the keyboard…).

Other ways to support SpreadsheetLight

The simplest way to support SpreadsheetLight is to tell everyone about it. Spread the word. Tell your friends, your nephew, your grandma, that cute barista at the coffee shop!

Tweet about it. Facebook it. Write a blog post about it. Recommend it in forum posts. Make large flashing neon signs and place it on the highway. Ok, maybe that last one was a stretch…

The more developers using SpreadsheetLight, the less collective angst of developers on making spreadsheets.

You can also see if there’s anything in the shop that’s useful. There are Open XML reference manuals and an Open XML course available.